'Work hard, change history' by Laurie Martin

The “American dream” may be a founding myth of the New World, but it took a timely hit last week, after research from the University of Michigan revealed that the USA has remarkably low social mobility by international standards.

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'Faster, Higher, Stronger' by Florence Morton

“Faster, higher, stronger”. The Olympic motto embodies the idea of always striving for more. Implicit in this is the idea that the person who does strive for more, who tries hardest, trains longest, and who puts in the most hours, will ultimately...

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'Bowled over by fundraising efforts' by Andrew Berwick

We’re lucky at The Access Project to have some very dedicated supporters, and I thought we should say thank you to just a few of them this week.

Firstly, big thanks to tutor Chris Allfrey. Although originally stumped for ideas of how to raise...

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Rock Star Tutors

‘The Superstar Tutors of Hong Kong’ by Florence Morton

This week every magazine in the UK will be covering Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, the X Factor, and the not-so-private lives of our many music and film stars. In Hong Kong the gossip columns will probably cover similar fare, with one unusual...

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'The bigger picture' by Andrew Berwick

We’ve been busy here over last few weeks – we’ve spent lots of time getting ready for our two new schools coming on board in September. Sometimes when you are working on logistics and details for something like this, where you want everything to...

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