Hgs Med Soc 2011

'How graduates succeed' by Andrew Berwick

This blog is basically a re-reading of a report on the graduate jobs market that came out about 10 days back. It garnered a lot of hoo-ha and is pretty interesting: you can take a look hereFor those who draw on the Mail Online as a main...

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Debate Number 21

'How Debaters Succeed' by Rachel Bruce

Two weeks ago, The Access Project staff gathered over coffee and croissants for the inaugural breakfast book club. The book up for discussion was Paul Tough’s How Children Succeed. Despite sounding (and looking) a little like a self-help book for...

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Doctor Who 50th Large

'It was 50 years ago today' by John Lowe

…well: more or less.

This weekend sees the 50th Anniversary Episode of Doctor Who, fifty years to the day from the transmission of the pilot episode. Famously, of course, tragic events in Dallas on the previous day meant that the BBC decided to...

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Mary Curnock Cook, chief executive of UCAS, speaks about The Access Project on BBC Radio 4

Mary Curnock Cook, the chief executive of UCAS, celebrated the work done by The Access Project when she was interviewed on Woman’s Hour yesterday.

Mary, a trustee of The Access Project, was asked how she would address poor access to higher...

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‘The myth of low aspirations’ by Laurie Martin

A pervasive theme of education policy in the last few decades has been the myth of low aspirations. As I’ve stated before, the idea remains baffling dominant: that low progression rates for students from low-income households to university can be...

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'Apologia pro vita sua' by John Lowe

Cogito, ergo sum.

Not my words, in fact, but a philosophy I stand by. Last week’s talk at our Tutor Meetup about teaching Latin in schools sent my thoughts back to my own schooldays during the Roman occupation of Britain. Sorry: that should have...

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'Community: the driving force behind what we do' by Andrew Berwick

I sat my driving theory test last week. This feels like a naughty secret. I imagine I might feel much the same way had I clandestinely participated in a live action roleplay on the weekend, or retired quietly last Friday evening to watch all the...

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'In defence of languages' by Rachel Bruce

An article in the Guardian last week discussed the rapid decline in specialist language courses at UK universities. The article cited a study which claimed that since 1988 there has been a 40% drop in the number of universities offering such...

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‘Five years of widening access’ by Laurie Martin

‘I’d like to help some students get in to top universities – a bit like The History Boys‘. And so, five years ago this month, an idea became reality.

Last night The Access Project celebrated its 5-year anniversary. In an event hosted by our pilot...

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‘#Tutoring Tips: Don’t forget the humble test’ by Tom Slatter

When talking about learning strategies and techniques it is easy to get carried away. Flashcards, counters, posters and dice can all make an appearance in the classroom, highlighters can be found in many a pupil’s hand. All can be useful and have...

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