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The Access Project comes to St Catharine’s

Over three days during February and March, around 320 students will be visiting St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. The Access Project will be taking all of our Year 10 students to visit this historic and famous college. The aims of the trip are to...

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I think you should be proud to support The Access Project (like I am)

Most of you reading this already know that, today in the UK, you are six times less likely to reach a top third university if you are poor.

Perhaps you already help to change this by volunteering as a tutor with The Access Project. Maybe you are...

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Why we're here

Every morning I take a train from my house to central London. As I near the end of my journey, if I crane my neck and look out of the window just right, I can see my old primary school and the low rise estate where I grew up.

Normally I don't...

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Hear from: Miss Tiffany Woods-Shepherd (former secondary school teacher and current Access Project in-school mentor)

When I was a teacher I had to have a seating plan for every class I taught, clearly showing where all of my free school meal and pupil premium students sat in my classroom. I also had to indicate what their current level was alongside their target...

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What’s it like to be a student with The Access Project?

Claire is a Year 13 student who has been on The Access Project for the past two years. I asked her about her time on the programme.

What have the benefits been of being part of The Access Project?

“My grades have definitely improved since I...

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