Sammy C

Gym? Netflix? Pub? How Tutoring Changed Sam's Midweek Existence

After three years of living and working in London I had well and truly succumbed to an all too familiar, trimodal, after work mid-week life existence of gym; Netflix; pub? Not necessarily in that order of importance either. I was drawn to The...

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A Community Effort - Supporting Hard to Reach Students

As The Access Project grows and changes one question is always at the forefront of the work we do – how do we reach and support students that need us the most? 

We’ve been thinking about this question a lot recently and it has led us to set...

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Armando Jamie Hoare 10

New Tutorial Resources

***This post is for current Access Project tutors***

At The Access Project we are always trying to support you deliver high quality tutorials. The “Tuition Topics” guidance that we started providing for pairings this time last year is a major...

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Tales From University: New Challenges after The Access Project

University is hard. Everybody tells you that the jump from GCSEs to A levels is the hardest thing you will face in your academic career, but University is one of the hardest, most rewarding things I have ever done. 

The 9am lectures are a...

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From Sierra Leone to the University of Warwick by Zein Jaward

Growing up in Sierra Leone I had the drive to achieve success however was given few opportunities to do so. Upon arriving in the U.K under dire circumstances after the death of my father and the war that was being waged in my home country, I knew...

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