Knowledge Application Emily Bell

Helping Students Apply Their Knowledge: Details & the Big Picture

There really is nothing more rewarding during a tutoring session than the student suddenly realising they ‘get it’, and excitedly explaining every single detail back to you correctly. (Sure, it can be hard to get to that point – severe delays on...

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Supporting Students Through the UCAS Process

Last Monday the UCAS deadline passed. As one of The Access Project’s University Access Officers working in a school my aim was to get all students to have sent their application in before Christmas. In theory, therefore, all students should have...

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Uni Of Reading

Noisy Neighbours and Newfound Independence During First Term at University

My first term at university was definitely not what I expected it to be. I feel like during the last couple of weeks at sixth form we look forward to this big change so much we don’t really realise the reality of it all. For me personally,...

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My First Term on The Access Project

Hi, I’m Emre; one of the students taking part in The Access Project. It was one evening after a busy day at school, I was on my phone relaxing and an email appeared in my inbox. It was about an opportunity that my school was offering me – The...

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