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My First Term on The Access Project

Hi, I’m Emre; one of the students taking part in The Access Project. It was one evening after a busy day at school, I was on my phone relaxing and an email appeared in my inbox. It was about an opportunity that my school was offering me – The Access Project. Being one of the few students who were offered this opportunity I was determined to get myself a place. I had to fill out an online form about myself and some other information such as parents’ phone numbers etc. I waited around 1-3 weeks for a reply until the day came. I was coming back from school and I got an email saying that I had been accepted on to The Access Project, I was so delighted.

That was in Year 9, now I’m in Year 10 and everything is well underway but let me explain a few processes that happened in-between.

The new academic year began and within 3 weeks we were introduced to our University Access Officer who would link us up with our tutors and keep us updated on everything to do with the Project. In my case I waited around a month to be linked with a tutor, the other students around me had been linked and were explaining how their tutorials were going so I was ready to meet mine.

I chose an English tutor as personally, even though my grades for all my subjects are high, I felt like I needed a boost in English as English isn’t my mother language and at home we usually speak Turkish and French. 

An email from my University Access Officer was sent to me and my tutor containing our emails, phone number and the location that we would meet. I was over the moon because the distance I had to travel for my tutorials is not very far only 15 minutes depending on the bus arrival times.

My tutor and I communicate through text messages which are really nice as it is really easy to just send a message back. We have our tutorials at a café in a very calm working environment. My tutor is a Cambridge graduate, which is amazing as my ambition for the future is to study at Cambridge. My first tutorial went really well, I met my tutor and we sat down and talked about the GCSE and I started to learn some more things.

Things are looking great moving into the new academic term, I am looking to learn more and do more. I am feeling more confident in English and will become even more confident in the future. This is a great opportunity and should be taken immediately as it will benefit anyone; I am and will always be very grateful for it.

Emre, Year 10 Access Project student

Sign up to tutor with The Access Project here - http://bit.ly/2imKIV6